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      Jeff Wilhelm

      Many homebrewers who use bucket bucket fermenters and need a blow-off tube for their crazy fermentation that can’t an airlock can’t handle.  Our usual adaptation is to use a 3 piece airlock and shove a piece of tubing over the upper stem of the airlock.


      I have done this many times, but my airlock still filled with krausen and clogged the passage resulting in a big mess.  I have even cut the tip of the bottom of the airlock so I could increase the id of the passage to allow for more krausen.  Then destroy the airlock when trying to install or uninstall the hose.


      So, I started thinking of ways I could make a better alternative.  After some thought, I came up with the idea below.


      For these photos I sacrifice an old lid, so the hole is kinda out of whack.  The elbow fitting in the photo has a .5″ id on the threaded portion and a .375″ id on the .5″ hose barb.  I found some o-ring for the top and bottom to seal the fitting in the lid.  And, I can put this together for about $1!!!



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      Jim Moler

      great job!!!! Awesome idea.

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